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You Get 100% Access to:

  • A private community

Where you can network with me and other high performing realtors to grow our real estate businesses to record breaking quarters

  • 48+ Modules of TSG Academy

Over 5 hours of premium course content showing you the exact strategies I use to make 7-figures as a realtor.

  • Live Q&A calls and Group Masterminds

Where you can ask me ANY question you want so you can be guided by a multi 7-figure realtor.

  • 4 Hour Workday Transformation Shortcut and Weekly Transformation Journal

So you too can rewire your mind and understand the alchemy behind mastering the day as a top 1% realtor.

  • ChatGPT and Al Tech Stack

Harness the power of ChatGPT and our AI-driven tech stack to stay ahead of the competition and revolutionize your Real Estate business.

  • Roleplaying Workshops

Where I navigate common obiections and facilitate buyer/seller interactions in face-to-face sales LIVE.

  • Buyer Interview and Seller Interview/Consultation Scripts

The scripts I use to WIN the interview and sign high-value clients.

  • Access To High-Level Coaching With Me

You will have the oppurtunity to UNLOCK personalized 1:1 coaching with me.

  • My Client Attraction Blueprint

So you can have all the high-value clients you desire flocking to you (WITHOUT NEEDING TO BUY LEADS).

  • Email Templates That Work

Streamline your messaging and maximize impact with our carefully crafted templates.

  • Business Assessment Template

So you can understand exactly where you are and where you need to go.

  • Success Touchpoint Calender

Get access to the exact some template myself and my award winning team uses to succeed day in and day out.

  • BONUS: Backend Essentials Mini Course with Taylor Donavan

Mini Course with our Operations & Transactions Manager at the Starke Realty Team going over your entire software setup. Bundled in for a limited time.

  • BONUS: Scott Starke's First 90 Days In Real Estate Masterclass

Scott Starke walks through exactly how to set the foundation for YOUR succesful career in real estate.

  • Monthly New Content

Will allow you to access all the new content I will be giving out for FREE to the community every month. Including topics like marketing, social media, sales, money mindset, negotiation, & much more. All of which you'll be able to access on both your computer and from the Skool app on your mobile phone.